Studio rental: Attractive and spacious hall for rent in Utrecht

Do you want to rent an attractive and spacious studio in Utrecht? Alhambra Studio rental can help you. The Alhambra is an atmospheric and beautiful hall that can be found in the centre of Utrecht. The hall is for rent for company workshops, bachelor workshops, creative workshops (drawing, painting, action painting), group outings, parties and receptions, dance lessons, dance workshops en repetitions. Because of the intimate atmosphere, the studio is very suitable for small shows and presentations for theater, dance and music.


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We have a wooden floor that is around 1100 square ft, a 43 feet mirrored wall, sound system, yoga mats, sound and light for small shows, tables and chairs, curtains, cozy lounge, bar/kitchen with fridge, kettle, coffee machine and glassware. We have our own hall/cloak room, a separate dressing room and 3 lavatories.

When you rent the studio for small shows and parties, you may use tables, chairs, curtains, etc. When you rent the studio for lessons, the floor will be free.


Studio rental for workshops and entertainment

You can also book workshops, music- and dance performances and a DJ with us. If desired, with catering.


Studio rental for dance lessons and workshops

Looking for a studio for weekly dance lessons, repetitions or workshops? You can rent the studio for dance lessons: belly dance, flamenco, salsa, yoga, Irish dance, pole dance, biodanza, etc.


Studio rental Budget deal

Do you want to teach only 1 lesson? By agreement, you may share a shift with another teacher. For only half the price.


Alhambra Studio rental

Studio rental: price per shift:

Morning until 1pm: € 40

1pm-6pm: € 55

6-11pm: € 65

Bachelor workshops: € 60 per 2 hours

Different prices apply for companies, on request via:

• Telephone:  +31 6 51 84 26 27
• Email:

Location AlHambra

School for Oriental dance/Belly dance

Oudegracht 245a (former poptemple Tivoli)
3512NZ Utrecht
(10 minute walk from the train station and 3 minute walk from the cathedral tower)

Public transport stops at the door.



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Al Hambra

Akademie voor
Oriëntaalse dans /

Oudegracht 245a
3511NL Utrecht

06 - 51 84 26 27