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Al Hambra - Akademie voor Oriëntaalse Dans / Buikdans
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Regular lessons

• Oriental dance/Bellydance: For beginners, an introduction to styles and rhythms: Egyptian, Libanese, Turkish, classic, modern, tribal, fusion, Spanish/Arabian (Yazila's specialty), ritual and trance dances. From level 2, choreographies, zills, more in-depth knowledge, musicality, individuality and space to explore your boundaries.


• Tribal Fusion Bellydance: Modern western belly dance style. Serpentine, snake movements , pops/locks, elements from Indian dance, Flamenco, modern, streetdance, Butoh. Music: Oriental- pop- fusion. No dance experience? Start with a beginner class to learn the basics.


• Belly dance 50+: In a comfortable atmosphere you work on a flexible and powerful body, good condition, and a spirit that stays young. No long choreographies, but short dance patterns. 4 weekly themes, for example: veil, ghawazi, baladi, mahala et al. to enhance your knowledge.


Belly Whack: A fun and  empowering  class combining bellydance, tribal and fusion technique. Mini combo's on traditional and modern Arabic beats, funky tribal and fusion music. New movements steeped in culture and tradition.


Regularly professional musical accompaniment by Sattar el Saadi. Dancing to live music gives a boost to your dance. Learn to dance to authentic Eastern instruments.


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Private lessons

Do you want to further perfect your dance or explore a particular theme? Yazila gives private lessons by appointment.


Workshops are given on a regulary basis. Check the agenda!

This will be your weekly trip to the Orient!

Have you become curious about the belly dancing? Sign up for a trial lesson at

You can enter at any moment.


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Al Hambra

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